Shop Bamboo Pink NOW!

Bamboo Pink by Jude Frances Corporate Message to Shoppers:

When we say that Bamboopink is more than just jewelry, we really mean it.

First and foremost, Bamboopink is a sharing experience.

You’ll never find Bamboopink fashion jewelry at your local boutique or department store. That’s because everything we share with you and your friends is exclusively designed by JudeFrances Jewelry – renown not only as a leader in independent fashion and design, but also as a company with a unique personal story.

BambooPink is only available through our direct sales consultants!

The Bamboo Pink Professionals

We will announce our Local Launch Party Soon!  Signing up is the only way to stay in the loop!

Click Picture to Shop the virtual catalog...

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  3. Unknown says:

    Very nice!…

    I could not have said it any better my friend! Please Keep up the awesome work my friend. You are very talented; I pray that I can write as good as you someday…

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