Earn With BambooPink

Could you use some extra MONEY?
Do you enjoy High Fashion?
Do you know A LOT of People?

JudeFrances, a multimillion dollar high-end jewelry company is launching a

NEW Fashion Jewelry Line.

BambooPink by JudeFrances is designed with you in mind.

This line is crafted with the same quality but priced in the

$30-$200 range.

Most pieces are below $100!

Previews and Sneak Peeks of BambooPink by JudeFrances

How would you like to make money from a virtual trunk show without ever leaving the comforts of your home.

The income potential is AMAZING! 

 All with absolutely


-> Sign Up NOW for  your FREE  30 day Preview<-

The possibilities are endless!

Make money during your 30 day Preview to purchase jewelry of your own…..

or cover the cost of an e-commerce website!

No cost to join!

Become a HIGH EARNING BambooPink Consultant Today!

You will enjoy the benefits that come with being a part of an

Elite Exclusive Team of Professionals!

We provide access to training and business development strategies

for people from all backgrounds.

No Sales Experience Necessary!

Take The First Step! You Have Nothing To Lose!

Do you Love the Internet? Facebook? Twitter? Working from Home?

Working for YOURSELF?!

You don’t ever have to host an in home party! You never have to carry stock!

Ever think how you would have liked to get into MaryKay when it just started? This is your chance to achieve the same goals as all those women driving pink Cadillacs!


This is a Ground Floor Opportunity! We are quickly approaching 30,000+ people (men and women) who have already taken this first step!

BambooPink offers a higher compensation plan than ever seen in direct sales plus many more incentives and bonuses!

Once you sign up, you will gain access to the virtual back office. All marketing materials, corporate information, catalogs, calendars, etc., will be at your disposal. You will also have the sponsorship backing of our team, The BambooPink Professionals. We will be offering workshops, seminars, and all kinds of promotional activities as the team grows.

Together we will help you grow your business! You are NEVER alone!

Remember signing up does not require any commitment.

Try it out, and if you don’t like it, you can opt out at ANY TIME with no penalty.

For more information, email BambooPinkPro@gmail.com

To Join, Go to: BambooPink.net/BambooPro


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