Get Up, Get Out….Do Something!

Blooming Cherry Blossoms, Washington DC

Image by Mastery of Maps via Flickr

I am a firm believer in the use and manipulation of cosmic energy. I may not have an organizational belief or a set of rules to go by, but I do know what I feel!


I know that spring is supposed to be here. It says so on the calendar, but what I don’t see are lots of people out and about! Maybe that’s why its taking so long for the weather to change over. Forget global warming! Become your own personal master of the universe for a weekend. Send good vibrations toward everyone you see. Send positive energy toward a project you should have long ago finished. Spring is passing you by! Don’t wait for the rain clouds to pass over. Who cares if your hair gets frizzy! Maybe you will be out in downtown DC, it will pour raining, and you will find shelter in a new little shop or restaurant that you have never seen before. Stop in. Grab a cup of tea. Talk to someone!

Warm you body.

Enliven your heart.

Revive your spirit.

Get up! Get Out….Do Something!


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