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A First Letter From the Editor:

I didn’t leave the house again today. It’s the fourth day in a row! I keep blaming it on lack of funds. I have only $20 to my name and gas is steadily climbing past the $3.57 per gallon that I saw on Friday. I need to save that money to use in case I get a job. I have to be able to get there right?! The thing is, I know I have to get up and get out there to get hired.

A rock and a hard place is where I am!

I may have stayed inside, but I made sure I was productive today. I did some research and took a leap of daring and a dash of fearlessness into the potluck of blogging. I personally have never read a blog before today. I have spent time browsing photo blogs. There are so many inspirational artists out there. I was just never the type to spend random time “browsing” aimlessly on the internet.

I would like to categorize myself as an internet savvy researcher. You need information about anything, give me one or two key words or maybe a location, and I’ll bring you back relevant information from sites you should trust. I never understood the purpose of blogs. I wanted to put my talent to use on the internet. I thought the appropriate format for me to share information would be a traditional website with lots of links. Now after spending a few days looking over the sites of some of the best bloggers in the community, I have concluded, blogging is the best approach for all my purposes.

I have lots of information to share. I have met people from many walks of life. Now, through this blog I can instantly share this information as I learn it. The best of all I can reach people from around the world!

The one thing I hate to hear from people I meet is:
“I have a great idea” or
“I sell this product/offer this service” or
“I know so and so”
“I don’t know how or where or when.”

Since you have the who, what, and why, let me along with our community help you find the answers to where, when, and how!

Let this place become a safe have for the novice and expert, the transplant and native,  the creator and producer, from the Tri-State area to the DMV! Together we will grow, create, and learn. We will make our communities stronger, more diverse, and more wealthy. WE are our own best resource and WE can make this work.

Please care enough to share. Take time to browse. Most importantly, leave your mark and make yourself available as a resource linking the TriState2DMV!

Thank You.

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