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From You to Me…

Would you like to share a bit about yourself or your vision? Have a topic you would like discussed? Would you like to see some changes to the site? Want added features? Need help navigating the site? Post your question to the community. Someone may have a great suggestion or advice. If you have anything … Continue reading

New Flea Market

Mother’s Day is right around the corner … and The Marlboro Market is Open! Come show our  newcomer a warm welcome to town! The past two weeks were a bust, but The Marlboro Market has been cleaned out and has a brand new game plan! The Marlboro Market off Route 301 in Upper Marlboro, MD. … Continue reading

Get Up, Get Out….Do Something!

I am a firm believer in the use and manipulation of cosmic energy. I may not have an organizational belief or a set of rules to go by, but I do know what I feel! I feel MOTIVATED! I know that spring is supposed to be here. It says so on the calendar, but what … Continue reading

What is this Rhodium?

Rhodium may not be a word you hear everyday, but it is something you may very well see on a frequent basis. Rhodium is an element on the periodic table discovered by William Hyde Wollaston in 1803. He was attempting to make platinum into a malleable metal and as a result extracted Rhodium and palladium, … Continue reading

Great Weather Tomorrow…Go Green DC!

Tomorrow the weather is going to beautiful… High 83 degrees! Join Me and the Green Revolution for a day of fun with vendors and entertainment while we take our businesses and lives green! Check Out the Flyer Below

Free Eco-Friendly Promotion Idea!

What is that little doo-hickey? A special thank you goes out to Meredith Kallaher, one of my fellow BambooPink consultants and Team Leader from Texas. Read her post above about a great way to use a QR code, Quick Response Code, to grant your prospects easy access to your promotional information. You can give your … Continue reading

Bamboo Pink On Sale Now!

I am proud to announce…..The Online Boutique  is  Be the first of your friends to step out this spring in style!  BambooPink Spring/Summer 2011 LookBook For the Full Virtual Catalog and Purchases: http://www.bamboopink.net/bamboopro  Better Yet! Host a VIP Boutique Show! Offer your friends, family, and co-workers a celebrity style shopping experience! Earn Free Jewelry on … Continue reading

New Flea Market

The Easter Holiday Season is a signal for flowers to bloom, grass to grow… and Markets to Open! This year we are welcoming a newcomer to town! The Marlboro Market off Route 301 in Upper Marlboro, MD. It is an upstart community of vendors with a variety of items. The market is opening on the … Continue reading

Inaugural Boutique Trunk Show Coming Soon!

I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting the release of the new BambooPink by JudeFrances line of fashion jewelry. I am proud to announce, our corporate offices have received the first shipment of the Spring/Summer Collection. We will receive our first items for sale in the next few weeks. I know this is … Continue reading

Backaches and Neck-aches That Kill

There is nothing I fear more than my body giving out on me! I told you guys that I was going to go work-out this weekend. I did! It was too cold for the Armory, nice turnout though. I ended up going for a mild walk around my neighborhood early Sunday morning – 5am. The … Continue reading

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